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Many of you may already know that the HSM team is based in beautiful downtown Copenhagen.  Just around the corner from the office is Nyhavn, a view created for postcards.  In front of the office, bikes, boats and tourists pass each day!  When I go, I even rent a bike. I think all will agree, this office location is nothing short of amazing!

What is even more amazing it the harmony of the team in the office. While many CAM companies rely of 3rd parties for the Toolpath kernel, we have the advantage of having both Kernel and UI teams working under one roof.  However, today, even though both teams are in the same building, they are in separate offices on the first floor. So, when the opportunity came up to move the entire team of one shared office space on the top floor, we jumped at it. Not only will this move bring the teams closer together, it also provides room of telepresence additional conference rooms and a space for some small NC equipment. Of course the real NC equipment lives on the pier with CJ Abraham (who also has telepresence).

Below are some images of the new space:

medium  medium (1)


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