Autodesk at Haas Demo Day 2016


Please join Autodesk at select Haas Factory Outlets on June 14 as we share some of the latest technologies in CAM software that can get you up and running right away, and improve your CNC processes.


For locations where Autodesk will be at an HFO

Visit your local HFO locations during Demo Days to help to find solutions in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to investigate CNC machines and Autodesk CAM Software across the country. Many of these HFO locations will also invite companies with expertise complementary to the CNC process; such as tooling, tool holders, work holding, probing, CAM software and others.

This video is from the HFO Midwest Grand Opening. It will help provide an idea of what goes on during a Haas Demo Day

Autodesk has a keen interest in manufacturing, with advanced CAD functions for your 3D designs, AnyCAD to work with all popular CAD data formats out there maintaining associativity, and also CAM software suitable from entry level CNC mills all the way to the largest and most complicated multi axis mills equipped with automated pallets and robotic loading systems. Autodesk’s High Speed Machining, HSM, software is well matched with Haas mills and lathes. That only makes sense as Autodesk is a leader in its field, with the most CAD seats installed. On June 14th, Autodesk will have representatives at 23 Haas Factory Outlets for the 2016 Demo Day, showing how HSM technology can help you get the most of your manufacturing processes.

Here Titan Gilroy of Titan American Built, a show about CNC machining and manufacturing shown on MavTV, uses Autodesk HSM software and Haas mills to push the boundaries and show you how you can become more profitable. 

Visit a HFO location near you on June 14th. It is a low pressure way to learn about CNC machines and Autodesk CAM Software. It’s also a good way to learn about some of the complementary processes and equipment. You won’t regret attending.


For locations where Autodesk will be at an HFO


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