Watchfire Signs Implements Nesting to Increase Productivity

WatchFire Nesting

Watchfire Signs Implements Nesting to Increase Productivity

A few years ago, Watchfire signs saw their business growing and manufacturing needs significantly rising. This left them with a manufacturing programming problem that many companies face. They had to choose between hiring a new programmer for their manufacturing equipment or find a all-in-one software solution to keep up with increased demand.


The decision was ultimately made to try and automate the machining and manufacturing process in order to save time and standardize workflows. Due to the nature of Watchfire Signs’ programming needs, unique challenges were presented in how manufacturing needed to be handled. In order to handle this, they developed a series of rules around how they nest parts in a material. Utilizing Trunest, they have been able to take these rules and standardize them into the automation software offering up significant time savings in the programming process.

 Before implementing the automation solutions presented with Trunest, one man would work 45 to 50 hours a week solely devoted to programming for Watchfire. Through automation, the same tasks are now being accomplished more efficiently in under 1 hour each day. Aside from the expected workflow improvements like efficiency and time savings, one of the unforeseen benefits of automation was that it allowed the design team at Watchfire to make revisions without being held back by inventory or programming.

Trunest has allowed us to become more responsive to our customers needs as well as allowing users at Watchfire to become more valuable employees.



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